How to Join the Arise Network

Registration Process

**Opportunity is NOT applicable in the following states:

  1. California
  2. Connecticut
  3. Maryland
  4. Massachusetts
  5. New York
  6. Oregon
  7. Wisconsin

Detailed Document

  1. Complete the Microsoft Survey Application Form

    1. Application
  2. Create an Arise profile

    1. An Arise account will be created for you at  Therefore, you will receive an email to verify your Arise profile and to complete your background check.
  3. Background Check

    1. It only takes a short time to wait for the background check and the cost is only $7.95.
    2. A link will be sent via email.
  4. Non-Disclosure Agreement

    1. Sign a non-disclosure agreement.
    2. This is when you get to access all of the names of the prestigious client opportunities available!
  5. Submit employer’s information

    1. This information is needed for you to move forward.
    2. We will present this information once you’re past the background stage.
  6. Select an Arise client

    1. Review the available client opportunities available, and select one that works for you.
    2. Be sure to review the Opportunity Announcement, which provides all of the important details about each client project.
  7. Client Certification

    1. Enroll in a certification course that works with your schedule.
    2. These are highly specialized, instructor-led online courses.
    3. Most come with a fee that ranges from $50 to $250.
    4. These courses are required by clients and provide details about the client’s systems and the requirements of the particular program.
  8. Contract

    1. A SOW will be signed with the Arise Client.
    2. Also, a contract will be signed between you and Entourage Ink.
    3. SOWs are generally three months or more in duration.
  9. After you have completed your certification, began to build revenue.